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Betting advice posted on this site is based upon the output from a neural network developed over several years. In fact development is ongoing and will hopefully lead to improved predictions in the future.

Tips are published on this website each Friday evening during the football season (note: when I say 'football' I mean 'soccer'). Tips are provided for all matches in all divisions.

The questions that you will probably want to know are:

How good are the predictions posted on this site?
How much can I win?

In order to fully understand my answers to these questions there are certain things that you need to understand which is why I've written a guide to betting on football.

To begin with I think some people have unrealistic expectations of what's possible. Football is an extremely unpredictable game. I won't elaborate too much on that statement, other than to say anything can happen in those 90 minutes or so and often does, which means it's basically impossible to predict the outcome of a football match with any degree of certainty and there's a limit to the number of results and correct scores that any person or computer program can correctly predict.

Another thing that (in my experience) people often don't understand is the importance of value. The only way you can be profitable betting on football in the long run is to accurately calculate probabilities and to only bet with prices that are greater than the evaluated probability. Good predictions are important, but not as important as good evaluations of probabilities. Anybody can predict that Man Utd will win at home to a team from the bottom of the table. The important thing is to know whether the price for the home win represents good value or not.

So to answer the questions above:

I believe that neural networks are the best way to calculate accurate probabilities and therefore the predictions posted on this site are probably as good as you're likely to find anywhere, although as I've said, there are limits to what is achievable (in the long term). On this website tips are provided for all matches in all divisions. For many of those predictions the best price available will not represent value and so if you bet on all of the published predictions the profit percentage at the end of the season will probably be quite small (I would guess less than 110%). For a bigger profit margin you will need to be selective and only bet on results or scores where you believe the price represents significant value (see also: What can you realistically win?).

To fully understand what is possible, please read my guide to betting on football.


Note: no guarantees are offered for recommendations posted on this site. Please bet wisely and never bet more than you're prepared to lose.